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How to stunt your growth as a developer

The steps

  1. Be a perfectionist
  2. Run before you can walk
  3. Reject the value of your specialization
  4. Be uncompromising in your decision making process
  5. Categorize everything into right vs wrong
  6. Become discouraged by the successes of others
  7. Never allow yourself to make mistakes
  8. Fail to acknowledge the growth of others around you
  9. Compete more than collaborate
  10. Deem your weaknesses personal shortcomings
  11. Avoid learning things you feel you should know by now since learning now would imply you haven't known this whole time
  12. Try to use your tools perfectly the first time you use them
  13. Stop believing in your abilities
  14. Don't believe the people who believe in your abilities
  15. Define yourself by the you work you do
  16. Fail to realize just how much you actually know
  17. Become overwhelmed with how much left there is to learn
  18. Forget it's okay to not know everything
  19. Stop asking for help
  20. Stop sharing your work

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Date published - June 06, 2015