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Joe McCullough
Email: joseph@vertstudios.com
Website: joequery.me
Phone: (512) 217-3075
Current location: Austin, TX
Github profile: JoeQuery

Skills and Projects



Ubuntu server configuration


  • mrbc playground - An environment to quickly convert ruby to object code.
  • Stagger - Backup multiple MySQL databases at staggered times to ease server load
  • Route53-To-S3 - Backup Route53 DNS Records from AWS to S3

Technical writing / Tutorial creation

Open source contributions

  • Refactored and extended the parser of a Jinja2 syntax highlighting plugin - PR Link
  • Added installation documentation for Habitbot setup - PR Link
  • Altered the client Terminal broadcasting service ScreenxTV to hide user credentials input through the terminal - PR Link
  • Fixed an issue in mruby's mirb REPL where the strings "exit" and "quit" would terminate the REPL when intended to be used as strings - PR Link


Austin Coding Academy - Instructor (June 2014 - November 2015)

Andrew Harper - Python Developer (Contracting May 2015 - September 2015)

  • Integrated a BackboneJS front end with a Django Rest Framework API
  • Doubled the speed of a pre-existing in-house search indexer through Django ORM optimizations
  • Created user favorites for arbitrary objects via Generic Foreign Keys
  • Implemented a flexible data submission/review cycle between Andrew Harper employees and hotel representatives

Andrew Harper - Python Developer (June 2013 - June 2014)

  • Rest API development via Django Rest Framework
    • Overrode Django Rest Framework internals to allow for more dynamic routing
    • Created authorization scheme which enforced limitations on API clients (with an emphasis on securing user data)
  • Custom shopping cart
    • Stripe integration
    • Authorization to various parts of the site based on product selection
    • Created infrastructure for promo-codes, bundled products, US vs International pricing
  • Dynamic GeoJSON generation for use with the MapBox API
  • Created custom python APIs to cope with vendors unable to expose json/xml endpoints
    • Requests was used to facilitate interaction with the vendors' web applications
    • PyQuery was used to parse the resulting HTML and extract relevant data.

Communications Corporation of America - PHP Developer (Dec 2011 - June 2013)

  • Custom Drupal module development for 25+ TV station websites.
  • Created custom PHP libraries for interacting with vendor web applications
  • Created in-house utilities to aid collaboration workflow. These tools enabled us to
    • easily transfer databases between developer machines
    • quickly restore from on-site database backups
  • AWS management
    • EC2 / ELB
    • RDS
    • S3 / Cloudfront
  • Nginx/Apache webserver management and configuration

Vert Studios - Web Developer (Sep 2010 - 2012)

  • Custom jQuery plugin development
  • Simple website development via Wordpress, RefineryCMS
  • Deployment, hosting, and version control management
  • Traffic generation via technical articles


University of Texas at Tyler
Major: Computer Science with Math minor (Did not graduate)
3900 University Boulevard
Tyler, TX 75701-6699
(903) 566-7000
Attended: 2010-2013

Associates in General Studies

Tyler Junior College
1327 South Baxter Avenue
Tyler, Texas 75701
(903) 510-2200
Graduation Date: 2010


Available upon request.